Big Kid Big Memories Documentary Session

I speak to so many Mom's with multiple children and they explain to me how they use to take so many photos of their first born and then poof, here comes baby number 2 and 3 and now baby number 1 is now 12 years old, and they are lucky if they can find a photo of any of them just being themselves. 


Between the ages of 8 and 14 huge personalities and transformations are developed and your once toddlers are now these amazing independent boys and girls with huge flourishing personalities living active lives full of hobbies and discoveries all waiting to be documented along the way. 


I've created Big Kid Big Memories Sessions for the family who wants to document their not so little ones before they become Seniors and they wish they would have captured the sweet journey of discovery their young boys and girls were on.


The Big Kid Big Memories Session is great to capture hobbies and their personality at that specific age. It's the "in the moment" session to allow your child to be themselves. Each child is uniquely created and each session will be uniquely developed into something beautiful, because it's who your child is.


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